We only train in positive reinforcement.

In summary, what is the positive method?

Science has shown us that dogs have their own language and communication.

We know today how to read their body languages ​​and emotional states through their behaviors;
called communications / calming signals.

This approach takes into account your dog's emotions and respects them. It is based on positive reinforcement (we add something pleasant to increase the probabilities that a behavior is repeated).

It solicits his participation by motivating and rewarding him when he produces the right behaviors. No physical and psychological violence is administered!

The learning methods used are clicker training, luring, shaping, targeting capturing.

It is essential that our companions do good learning, in good conditions and this with confidence, without physical and / or psychological constraints to optimize the results.

As owners, it is up to us to guide them and teach them to occur the right or desired behavior. To help them to integrate well into our society and to have good interactions with their peers.

The dog is an animal that is constantly learning,
It likes to learn and please his master. With motivation, the participation of the handler / dog duo, with respect and in good conditions, the word "impossible" is not French.

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