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Because we are moving paw in hand ...

Based in Geneva, the goal of my work is to help you educate / re-educate your dog in harmony.

Find and understand the causes of the unwanted behaviors given by your companion.

I use and provide positive reinforcement, which is respectful of the dog and his emotions.

Are you having problems with your 4-legged companion? Your dog destroyed in your absence? Assault his congeners? Has fears, seems anxious and stressed?

Are you tired of being pulled by your dog for a walk? not clean ? It does not return to recall and / or run away?

You want to teach your dog the basic cues: sit, lie down, stay / not move, walk.

I offer you help personalized, tailor-made support according to your and its needs.

Improving the relationship, discovering or restoring the trust of the dog and his owner are the bases of good communication.

Graduated by Aoa formation, approved "S.C.A.V." and "O.S.A.V."

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Rééducation de Mizou Refuge AVA 2016

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