Just like us, the dog is endowed with emotions. Each dog is unique, has its own genetics and its own history. There are many causes of behavioral disorders in dogs.


This is the reason why I offer 3 types of tailor-made behavioral services.

Behavioral rehabilitation consists of helping you to solve a very specific problem. (ex. dog reactive towards its congeners, dog reactive towards humans, aggression, barking, fears, destruction, anxiety, predation etc.) Explain your dog's communication signals to you to be able to read it. A rehabilitation program put in place to be able to help you manage and modify their behavior. A practice of the exercises as well as a coaching.


If your dog has several behavioral disorders, you should rather go towards 1 assessment. Rehabilitation focuses on a disorder.

Cooperative care is used to help your dogs manage veterinary consultations as well as short or long term prescribed treatments. Many dogs experience these situations badly and experience real stress when they are confronted with them. Some dogs are just about able to take it upon themselves, that doesn't mean they take pleasure in it. While others try to run away, they don't want to be approached or they can even go so far as to bite. Prevention is better than cure.

The indicated prices include travel costs (Geneva).

Behavioural assessment

1h30 - 2h

On the ground              120 frs

At your home               130 frs

The evaluation consists in establishing an assessment of all the problems that you encounter with your dog. Explain your dog's communication signals to you so you can read him. A personalized rehabilitation program will be set up in order to help you manage and modify their behavior. You will be provided with a practice of exercises, coaching and a written behavioral assessment within 72 hours. Also includes personalized support throughout rehabilitation.

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Opening hours : 

Monday - Friday

8h00 - 16h

Only by Appointment 

Saturday - Sunday

9h00 - 14h

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Behavioural Rehabilitation

On the ground                      80 frs

At your home                        90 frs

Soins coopératifs / Medical training  :

1 h

Sur le Terrain                        80 frs

A votre domicile                   90 frs